Palo Santo Hydrosol ~ What is it?

Enhance your life with Palo Santo hydrosol from Sacred Wood Essence! A hydrosol is a water-based distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, or other plant materials.

Packaged in a clear glass spray bottle, our palo santo hydrosol spray has just two simple ingredients:

  • The recovered water from our Palo Santo oil vapor distillation process (read more about the purity and potency of our sustainably-harvested, minimally-processed palo santo oil here
  • Colloidal silver

That’s it!

Why Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a safe, natural mineral with antimicrobial properties. It works great as a preservative, and it carries the additional benefit of boosting immunity when ingested!

21 Ways to Enhance Your Life with Palo Santo Hydrosol

There are so many ways to enhance your space with Palo Santo Hydrosol that any list will feel incomplete. But that didn’t stop us from trying! You may want to get a bottle for every room in your house. And don’t forget the car. The purse. And the patio, too!

  1. Tonify your face with hydrosol and a warm washcloth
  2. Reset your facemask (and your day)
  3. Deodorize the dance floor (Remember those? We’ll be back soon!)
  4. Cool off sweaty foreheads and necks on hot summer afternoons
  5. Hydrate skin
  6. Soothe sunburns
  7. Ease the sting of insect bites
  8. Redefine curly hair and fight the frizz
  9. Brighten the bathroom
  10. Defend against flatulence
  11. Air out musty car seats and mats
  12. Elevate the elevator before you step inside
  13. Freshen the sheets before you get fresh
  14. Purify your pooch after swimming in the creek
  15. Calm fussy children, hangry partners, and overstressed managers
  16. Embellish a love note—it’s a thousand times sexier than a text
  17. Clear the energy in airplane and bus seats
  18. Give your feet a treat by freshening socks and footwear
  19. While you’re at it, treat your underwear, too
  20. Make bath towels and robes last longer with a few sprays after hang-drying
  21. Preserve seldom-worn or off-season clothes in the shadowy depths of closets and drawers

Did we miss any of your favorites? Don’t be shy! We love to hear from you!



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