7 Self-Love Rituals with Palo Santo

In the spirit of self-care at winter’s end, we present our list of Seven Self-Love Rituals with Palo Santo.

Sure, Valentine’s Day can seem a little forced sometimes. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, maybe even cynical about it. But as with most of our holidays, there’s a simple and profound truth hiding behind the heart-shaped balloons…

It never hurts to tell a special someone you love them, especially when that special someone is yourself! This month of love, gift yourself the healing benefits of Palo Santo.

After all, the more we love ourselves, the more love we have to share.


1. Soak the Day Away

Nothing delivers the fragrant aroma of Palo Santo to your senses quite as delightfully as steam. Especially when the steam is coming from a hot bath you’re immersed in! Pour a few drops of Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil into your next bubble bath, and soak the day away in sweet surrender.


2. Center Your Heart

Often, the simplest acts of self-love are the most profound. Pausing to take a deep breath between household chores. Doing a few yoga poses before you put on your jewelry for the day. Stopping in the center of your home (called the heart of the home in Feng Shui) to light a Palo Santo stick. All these little acts of self-kindness can add up to a big effect, centering your heart.


3. Release Old Wounds

We all carry so much. In our heads and hearts, and also in the fibers of our bodies. Palo Santo Salve can help you let it go. The rich terpenes in Palo Santo synergize for deep penetration to the places that need your love.


4. Cleanse Your Space

Toward the end of a long winter, we all long to open up. Enlivening our living spaces can go a long way toward invigorating our hearts. Palo Santo Spritz-Her is the ultimate refresher. Spray it on your skin, your bed, your car seat, or just in the air above your face. Close your eyes and give yourself a smile.


5. Light Your Prayer

Every flame has magic in it. Fire has signaled warmth and safety, mystery and awe to our ancestors since the dawn of time. Tap into the deepest wisdom of the ancients with Our Palo Santo Candle. This delightful blend of organic soy wax and pure Palo Santo oil will help you focus your intentions.


6. Access Your Inner Alchemy

Do you have a favorite essence or blend? Have you experimented with making your own? It’s a fun and easy project that activates your creativity and intuition. Add Palo Santo Essential Oil to a carrier base and blend in whatever you desire. Ylang ylang, rose, lavender, or cinnamon—the possibilities are as varied as our own personal tastes and needs. Add your personalized blend to a roll-on perfume bottle for comfort on the go!


7. Make an Offering

Sometimes, we need to step back and let the world go by us for a time. Dim the curtains, silence the phones, and light the candles. Make room in our hearts and minds for the sacred to enter. Palo Santo Powdered Incense can help focus our intentions. As we sit and breathe the divine aroma of Palo Santo smoke, we offer gratitude for the blessings we’ve received.
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