Celebrating Women’s History in Ecuador with Palo Santo

Women’s Voices in the Halls of Power

To celebrate Women’s History Month this March, we’re shining a spotlight on the history and progress of Ecuadorian Women and Palo Santo.

At Sacred Wood Essence, we take a particular interest in all things Ecuador. It’s a land of incredible natural beauty and some of the most hospitable people on Earth. And it’s the source of our sustainable Palo Santo!

In 1929, Ecuador became the first country in Latin America to extend the vote to women. Two decades later, women from all walks of life participated in the the May Revolution of 1944. Dolores Cucuango was an iconic figure in this resistance movement, advocating for better rights for Ecuador’s indigenous people, the poor, and women. By the end of the 20th century, women had achieved the right to divorce, own property, and receive inheritances. And in 2008, a law mandated that 50% of all congressional candidates at the national level must be women.

These are amazing achievements, but much work remains. This is especially true in rural areas, where healthcare and education remain spotty to this day.

The Community-Transforming Effects of Empowering Women

Worldwide, it’s been a long journey toward the goal of empowering women, and it isn’t over yet. Everywhere we look, we see the benefits of providing women with opportunities for Right Livelihood. Education. Self-Determination.

In much of the world, women are primary caregivers to children and the eldery. We celebrate every woman doctor, scientist, lawyer, and entrepreneur. We also acknowledge that for many women, family is interwoven with personal and professional goals.

When women achieve control over their own lives, communities become safer, happier, and healthier places. One family. One neighborhood. One community at a time.

Microloans empower women entrepreneurs. Literacy and math skills instill the bureaucratic savvy to upgrade health care. Petition public utility improvements. Create safe spaces for the abused and dispossessed.


Ecuadorian Women and Palo Santo

We are proud to work closely with a country that has implemented a progressive women’s agenda over recent decades. We hope our business importing Palo Santo aids in this transformation! For us, fair trade is a positive feedback loop that extends beyond sharing Palo Santo’s benefits with you, our amazing customers.

In the villages where we source our Palo Santo, we have brought needed employment to many women. Above self-determination for women, we hope this brings abundance to communities.

When we vote with our dollars by purchasing sustainable and fairly-traded products, we manifest the change we seek in the world.
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