Palo Santo Wood for Smudging


Many people like to use Palo Santo wood for smudging their living spaces during the changes of the seasons.

It’s time to take a deep breath. As winter approaches. The nights are growing cooler, the days shorter.

We long to clear old energy. Let go of old patterns. Bring softness into our hearts. Freshen unused corners. Ground into the comforts of home.

Let Palo Santo Be Your Ally On This Journey

Botanists know Palo Santo as Bursera graveolens. It is a close relative of frankincense and myrrh. These other sacred woods have been revered in the middle east for millenia.

Palo Santo is a small tree native to the west coast of South America. Its rich tradition as an incense wood rivals frankincense in its own native range.

Naturally fallen palo santo branches produce a rich resin with notes of citrus, mint, and pine.

This sustainable wood has many benefits. It wards off negative energy, repels mosquitos, encourages forgiveness, and induces tranquility.

How Do I Smudge With Palo Santo Wood?

Just as cobwebs will tend to gather in the corners of a home, negative energies can also accumulate.

Burning palo santo wood as a smudge can cleanse your living spaces of these stagnant energies. Our palo santo essence can be sprayed on furniture and carpets, in closets and drawers, on car seats, and even inside face masks.

Does This Palo Santo Come from a ‘Clean’ Source?

Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo comes from fallen branches in a protected preserve in Ecuador.

This brings sustainable livelihood to the families who gather and process it.

Our harvesters use time-honored traditional processes. They emphasize quality over quantity. Their thoughtful stewardship ensures plenty for future generations.

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