Self Love Rituals With Palo Santo

How often do you practice taking care of your self? How many times a week do you devote some conscious care for your needs?


To practice self-love you don't have to do anything extra elaborate, but its a good way to re-center and nourish yourself, and your soul... 

So it's got us thinking... What could it look like if we took some of these energies, intentions, and resources and poured it all back into ourselves as the ultimate ode to SELF LOVE!
As humans, we often pour so much energy and time onto others and things outside of ourselves. And rarely do we take the time to love upon ourselves. So with all this love in the air, may we be intentional with it and make sure we poor some back onto ourselves!
What would our life look like if we were filled with more self-love?
You know what they say… “You can’t love anything or anyone until you love yourself.” So let’s love bigger this year! Let’s love ourselves first so that we can love everything and everyone around us! As within so without!
And on that note, we felt it would be fun to share some of our favorite SELF LOVE rituals and practices with you all. We hope to inspire and encourage everyone to try something new this year!
Our top favorite self-love ritual is a luxurious Palo Santo-infused bubble bath!
Bathing rituals have been around for a long long time. Take some sweet time for YOU and enjoy a long bubble bath! Light some candles, draw a hot bath, add in a few drops of Palo Santo Oil, flower peddles, some soothing soap, and soak it up over your favorite book or playlist! You'll be sure to feel full of love after this bathing ritual!
Another self-love practice that is sure to light you up and activate those love vibes is to write a love letter to yourself!
Set the vibe by burning Palo Santo and lighting up our Palo Santo candles (pure magic) and place some red roses around! Play some lovely music, and write yourself a love letter! You deserve it! Take a moment to shower yourself with love, gratitude, and appreciation! Oh, and don't forget the chocolates!
Lastly, you can give yourself a gift of touch!
Self Massage of the highest act of self-love! You can set the scene and make it romantic! Fresh flowers, music, candles, and Palo Santo always!
We love using our Palo Santo Healing Balm for massage love! Either lay in your bed or sit in a cozy chair. Rub in the healing balm in your palms to warm it up and begin massaging and loving up on your body! The Palo Santo will smooth you and wake up the skin and all that loving and running moves so much energy!
You will feel so amazing after this! Don't forget a spritz of our Palo Santo spray right after for an added kiss of sweetness!
Let’s date ourselves this month, romance US, gift ourselves, and LOVE OURSELVES FIRST!
Muchas Amor,
Sacred Wood Essence Familia!

Written by; 

Kylie Ann Love 


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