Setting Intentions With Palo Santo

Setting Intentions with Palo Santo

Now is a great time for setting intentions with Palo Santo. The new year is more than just a number on a calendar. Each morning, the sun rises sooner and the days grow longer. These stray moments of added light may not be obvious at first. But little by little, the world is waking up again. And so are we.

What will we do with the gift of this extra light? What new ventures and adventures will we undertake? How will we bring our visions closer to alignment with out daily truths? Now is the time to decide, envision what can be, and make specific plans to get there!


A Kit to Help You On Your Journey

Here at Sacred Wood Essence, we have put together a Smoke Cleansing Gift Set that is the perfect complement to your ritual of welcoming the new year. A lovely abalone shell serves as a natural container to hold Palo Santo incense sticks and powder, as well as a white sage bundle.

Smoke is Prayer

Before lighting Palo Santo incense sticks or powder, take a moment to breathe. Contemplate the year gone by. What remains unspoken or unfinished, what can we let go of, and what will we embrace anew?

As the air enters and fills our lungs, we bring in what will feed us and our communities. We bless the people and places we care for, enveloping them in loving light. As the air departs, we release what has dampened our light and hindered us. We bless all that has gone before us, and acknowledge their role in our journey as we let go.

And now, as we light our Palo Santo, we have clarity of purpose. The smoke rises up to the strengthening sun, carrying our intentions with it.

There has never been a better time to start again. Let go. Rise up. Renew with the benefits of Palo Santo.

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