The Rebirth of Palo Santo

Grand Rising Familia!

We hope your worlds are filled with joy, peace, and love. Spring is upon us bringing the gift of renewal, rejuvenation, and rebirth! This month, we wanted to share a little story with you all. The journey of our Sacred Wood.

What are its roots? Where is the origin? Who are the guardians and keepers of this Holy Wood? How does Palo Santo become so medicinal and powerful? This adventure is filled with magic and mystic tales.

So let's get to it! We invite you to continue reading and allow the magic to unfold...

This incredible tree, Bursera Graveolens has evolved to be what we know today as Palo Santo which means Holy Wood. Our beloved Palo Santo grows in the dry tropical forests of Ecuador. Holy Wood must die of natural causes and fall to the forest floor to then ferment for decades before it's ready for harvest.

It is locally forbidden to cut down Palo Santo trees. The guardians of these forests are from a long line of Palo Santo Collectors that have been sustainably harvesting this sacred wood for decades.

We cherish and respect these humans deeply. Their job is not easy. They spend long days and nights journeying in the heat and cold searching the forest floor for fallen trees. When they discover fallen trees that are ready for harvest they chop them up bit by bit. This work takes hours and days. They then hike for miles back carrying sacks of Sacred Wood. It is truly a Hero's journey.

May we remember them with gratitude each time we light up. We are so incredibly blessed to benefit daily from the gift of this Holy Wood by way of these Palo Santo Warriors! Gracias Familia!

Did you know that this incredible tree must die to then be reborn decades later containing a mystical scent, energy, and its many benefits? It's pure magic, mystery, and medicine. Palo Santo can clear your mind of bad thoughts, center you, and ground you just by smelling the aroma. This Holy Wood can clean, clear, and shift the energy of space solely by smudging the sacred smoke around. The fermented oils of this magical tree can support your body with pain, and inflammation, and support better overall health and well-being. Palo Santo can infuse your prayers, dreams, and intentions with the power to manifest, actualize and birth into reality. What a real-life miracle! The gifts and magic of this Sacred Wood have so much to teach us. And for that, we are internally thankful and devoted to continuing to weave this work across borders, hands of culture, and the world! And as we are deeply inspired by the natural cycle of death and rebirth, we will continue to cultivate new seeds, plant new trees and give back to our Mother with gratitude for all that she gives us. 

We hope you enjoyed this short tale. As we are reminded of our roots and lineage, it brings up so much gratitude and appreciation for these sacred trees, the magic that surrounds them, and the devoted humans that continue to guard them. We are thankful for this journey… This magical legend… For this sacred Legacy… Thank you, Palo Santo... Gracias Familia... Gracias Pacha Mama... Thank you Agua Sagrada… And thank you to our cherished Palo Santo Collectors, guardians, and keepers of the magic! 

Blessings Familia, 

The Sacred Wood Collective 

Written By; 

Kylie Ann Love 


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