Copal resin
copal resin in a bottle
Copal Amazon Resin
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Load image into Gallery viewer, copal resin in a bottle
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Copal Amazon Resin

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This Copal is part of the Burseraceae family (Burseraceae Selva Amazonica), is related to Frankincense and Palo Santo with similar properties and comes from the Amazon region of Ecuador. It is very hard to acquire and is used to cleanse the air and energies of a space. This resin has an even sweeter scent than most copal from Central America. Crushed to a fine powder for easier burn that comes from the natural sweat or pitch of the Copal tree similar to Pine. 

How to use

Burn on charcoal or sprinkle a bit on some Palo Santo powder. A little goes a long way! 

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