Palo Santo Mask Mist
Palo Santo Mask Mist
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Palo Santo Mask Mist

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A new and relevant way to Inhale love and positive energy with our Palo Santo Mask Mist.

Ingredients: Palo Santo Essential Oil, Organic Lavender, Organic Alcohol, Palo Santo Hydrosol Water and Colloidal Silver.

During the essential oil extraction process, the vapor distillation produces both the essential oil and a water byproduct which is known as the hydrosol.

The oil floats to the top and the water is drained to create two different products.

Our mask mist is the alchemy of bringing them back together and emulsifying in alcohol to create a refreshing mist that smells delightful. The water base is great for spraying on skin and masks to add more disinfecting qualities and health benefits for the lungs.

The addition of the essential oil gives it a stronger scent increasing health benefits. Refresh and change the mood with a little spritz of this calming mist on masks before wearing. Enjoy!

How to use

Spray on the inside and outside of your mask.

Our Sustainability Practices

We have been working directly with the same family in Ecuador for over 11 years to obtain our Palo Santo raw materials. They have worked directly with the ministry of forest and government agencies on reforestation projects including putting back over 100,000 trees into the dry tropical forest for the last 20 years. They only purchase wood from independent local collectors that find naturally dead trees that have been sitting on the forest floor for over 4 years.

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Lovely Scent

Love, Love, Love this scent

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