Sage Oil and Bundle
Sage Oil and Bundle
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Sage Oil and Bundle

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5 ml of white sage essential oil, and one bundle of dried white sage.

Sage is the North American cousin of Palo Santo, and is burned in a similar way to cleanse the air of harmful energies and is excellent for the lungs especially in the essential oil form.

Bundles come from Southern California and have a sweet refreshing scent. Great for baths, smudging and supporting a healthy immune system.

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Sustainability Practices

This sage and oil are certified organic. All White Sage is prayerfully picked at the monastery and prepared in the most ethical and ecologically sensitive manner to ensure the continual supply of this rare and unique sage. The monasteries' mission is to deliver the finest quality White Sage products direct to you at very accessible prices. No pesticides, petrochemicals, or environmentally damaging agents are ever used in their cultivation, harvesting, processing, and packaging. With Native American brothers and sisters, we believe that White Sage and other potent, beneficial gifts from Mother Earth are sacred, and so they strive every day to infuse their love for this beautiful planet and Mother Earth's children into each item they offer.

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