The Many Uses Of Palo Santo Essential Oil

Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo Oil

Have you ever wondered what makes our Palo Santo Oil so potent and aromatic? This versatile oil cleanses energy, eases tension, and even wards off biting insects. And the natural process that creates it is a beautiful alchemical synergy of ancient wisdom and modern know-how.

Sustainable Palo Santo Source

The journey begins in Ecuador’s Dry Tropical Forest. Naturally-fallen Palo Santo branches cure on the forest floor for at least four years. This concentrates the oils in preparation for extraction.

After our collectors sustainably gather this fallen wood by hand, they separate out the densest pieces. We reserve these for distillation, as they have the highest concentration of aromatic oil.

Chemical-Free Palo Santo Oil Distillation

This high-quality Palo Santo wood is machine cut to a fine powder and put in a big distiller. Pure water is added and brought to a high temperature.

Water vapor rises out through a tube and collected in a vessel. The oil floats to the top, and the water is carefully drained away with a valve at the bottom. We don’t use chemicals at any stage of this process. It is 100% natural and free of byproducts.

Another benefit of our steam distillation process is that we can ensure the oil never overheats, which would degrade the delicate botanical oils.

The result of this careful process is a richly aromatic and potent oil with high levels of D-Limonene. This terpene has many therapeutic properties.

Palo Santo Oil Has So Many Uses!

  • Add a drop of pure Palo Santo oil to your palms and inhale to clear the respiratory system.
  • Massage the oil into the skin with a carrier oil to ease joint pain and inflammation of muscles.
  • Wear a drop of oil as a sweet-smelling scent to inspire positivity in yourself and those around you.
  • Put a few drops in a diffuser to clear the air of unpleasant smells and enjoy a fresh environment.
  • Put some drops in a bath to release the stress of the day.
  • Add to a spray bottle with water to use as an air freshener.

From Palo Santo candles to mask mist, and spritzer, our palo santo oil shows up in many of our favorite Sacred Wood Essence products.

What’s your favorite way to use this gift from the forest? We’d love to hear from you at!

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