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Festival Survival Tips


Festival Survival Tips 2022
It's officially festival season again and many of you that follow us here, stumbled upon our vending booth or mobile cart at a music event on the west coast within the last 12 years!
One of our favorite festivals is Lightning in a Bottle @lightninginabottle in California, which starts next week and many are excited to get back after a 2 year break. This was the first festival where we introduced Palo Santo essential oil to the masses back in 2008!
LIB has been a staple for us where we sold Palo Santo products for 11 years in a row to thousands of happy customers from our Sacred Wood Essence booth @sacredwoodessence. We introduced many participants to Palo Santo and Essential Wipes for the first time ever. For the first couple of years many people came to our booth and told us that when they smelt Palo Santo smoke, it reminded them of LIB and all the fun they had. They felt the energy cleansing right away as well as the good vibes.
Unfortunately we do not have a booth this year, however, we wanted to provide you with some festival tips that can also be applied to future events, concerts, outings and nature trips. Here's our top 5!
#1 Water!
Always drink plenty of water even when you're not thirsty and have a water carrying vessel with you at all times. Our favorite way to carry our glass bottle is with @knottbrand.
#2 Always have proper Sun protection.
Whether it's a natural sunscreen, hat or long sleeve shirt, it's important to stay cool and protected from long hours of Sun exposure. A nice trick to stay fresh is dipping a scarf in a bucket of ice water and wrapping it around your head or neck. Adding peppermint oil to the water is very satisfying as well. Our Palo Santo Holy Hydrosol is also a great way to hydrate by misting your face and body to cool off. It even helps soothe burnt skin! Our healing balm also keeps skin moist and helps avoid burns.
#3 Have extra toilet paper and Essential Wipes on hand.
I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a porta potty with zero TP in the last 17 years. Have some extra with you as well as Essential Wipes for extra cleansing as they help you wipe excess sweat and dirt off your face and body. Some of you like to party hard so make sure to have a tube for you and your team on hand to clean up extra messes. Have a bag or tin with you as you're also guaranteed to make new friends by sharing some wipes with strangers.
#4 Carry a backpack.
It's always nice to comfortably hold extra drinks, snacks, essential oils like Palo Santo and extra clothes. You might get too sweaty, too smelly or too cold. It's always nice to freshen up with our Spritzer or a simple water spray bottle you can add peppermint oil to. If you're out late and don't have time to get to camp, have a hoodie packed to keep you warm just in case. Make sure to visit the vending area to support artists and their crafts. You might purchase more than you can carry!
#5 Have fun and be smart.
Don't drink too much or partake in too many party favors or take candy from strangers (use discernment). There are many good natured people who like to share good vibes and that's wonderful. Unfortunately a small percentage of people with bad intentions can ruin your trip so be mindful. Do your best to have a party friend who can check on you and vice versa. Most importantly, have a wonderful time and share your magic with others.
If you have any other festival tips or suggestions, we'd love to hear them and please tag your favorite festival friends and share this post. We may even surprise you with a festival survival kit from Sacred Wood Essence. Thank you for supporting our small business over so many years and thank you to all those that have put on music festivals for us to dance and celebrate life. Many blessings to you all and be well.
My very first vending experience at LIB was as a massage therapist at the first healing booth in 2007. It's nice to make time to receive a 30 minute to hour long massage so you can re-energize and relieve any extra aches and pains. The extra blood flow and stress relief will pay dividends as the long weekend continues. Your body and mind will thank you. And finally always carry a stick of Palo Santo with you because you never know when you will end up in a friend's RV that can use a good smoke cleansing!
Sincerely the Sacred Wood Essence Team
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