3 Ancient Truths About Palo Santo

We hope everyone is out there feeling loved, supported, and grateful for this beautiful, diverse life we are so gifted to live! Today's blog post will take us back through time and back to the origins and roots of Palo Santo.


When we look back in time and trace the origins and history of this sacred wood, we discover so many rich and fascinating facts and truths about our favorite tree and its medicine. So let's take a deep breath, light up some Palo Santo, and take a little journey. Here we go! Here are 3 Ancient Truths about Palo Santo! 

#1. Palo Santo is the most revered tree you will ever encounter in the natural world. 

Sacred wood collectors have been foraging the tropical dry forest floors for centuries. Their primary purpose has always been one thing. To locate fallen, dead Palo Santo trunks and branches that have been aiming and natural fermenting for years.


Sacred wood collectors discovered many years ago that the fallen dead wood in this state produces a powerful aroma and energy. They realized Palo Santo's powerful gifts long ago and have been sustainably harvesting and foraging this holy wood for sacred healing purposes since.


They also found that Palo Santo trees are like no other in the world as they grow in groups. One male tree to eight female trees. The male trees outlive the female trees ten folds and can live up to 200 years. The female trees and the male trees both have unique qualities and aromas.


The mystics and shamans of times past revere Palo Santo for these reasons and believe that each tree is a spirit and that the spirit lives within us all, connecting to this powerful earth spirit long after the tree dies. 

#2. The Spirit Of Palo Santo & The Wisdom Of The Shaman.

Both ancient and modern Mystics and Shamans hold a truth near and dear to their hearts. That is that each plant in the plant kingdom is a spirit. In their rituals and practices, they use plants and their spirits to support the transformation of energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


In their traditions and ceremonies, they call on the spirit of the plants to support this process. Both ancient and modern practitioners deeply understand the power of this plant and its spirit for its ability to cleanse, clear, and protect.


As mentioned before, the spirit of palo santo and the trees' medicine are sacred and have been revered for thousands of years, dating back to the Indian Empire. For these reasons, it is vital that, as a collective, we never cut down a tree. Cutting down Palo Santo Santo is traditionally forbidden. So let this always be a reminder to love and respect this power plant spirit and the rituals, practices, ceremonies, and traditions. 

#3. An Ancient Holy Secret About Palo Santo.

We are now learning that the Palo Santo Tree must die of natural causes, fall off, and ferment for many years before the holy oil, aroma, and magic are available for humans. And we know that male and female trees both produce different magic unique to each. But, well...


Something else we have discovered is fascinating and has our hearts beating fast! That is another element of this fallen sacred wood. The wood that dies falls, ferments but never touches the ground. In sacred wood collecting and shamanism, this delicate, rare, unique wood is valued and revered even more profoundly than the standard holy wood that is more common.


The reason is that this wood falls and gets caught in other branches, never touching the ground. This sacred wood is held in the air and baths in the glory of the sun's light for many years, making it even more powerful and the magic of this floating wood more powerful. These branches are considered premium and are much rarer. They are said to bring you to the spirit world. So if you ever come across one, treasure it so. 

Well, that is all we have for you today. What a fascinating, mysterious, and mystic history Palo Santo beholds. We are so grateful to be on the path of this sacred holy wood. It is a Profound gift to continue to be the bridge from the heritage of this sacred wood to the modern world.


It fills our hearts and soul to weave this work and bless the globe with this holy smoke, its gift, magic, and powers. Thank you all so much for your continued support. Each purchase directly supports many individuals and families on the ground here in Ecuador. 

May your homes be filled with the joy of Sacred Wood Essence and your minds, hearts, and spirits balanced, clear and whole. 

With deep love and gratitude, 

The Sacred Wood Familia

Written by; 

Kylie Ann Love, 


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