Blessings To All The Mothers

 Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what a beautiful purpose to get to celebrate all the beloved Moms of the world. The Mothers of the world truly do have incredible superpowers and are able to endlessly give, selflessly serve and multitask in every facet of life.
Moms are so strong, so brave, so bold, and courageous! Mothers truly have the greatest job on Earth and they deserve to be celebrated every day! In honor of Mother's Day, we felt it would be nice to write a love letter to all the Moms out there! So here it goes! 
Mamma's, thank you for your sweet waters of life. Thank you for your Earthy body that holds us and will forever be our first home. Thank you for the deep love in your eyes and the pure heart in your smile. Thank you for your grace, your resiliency, and your devotion to serving and unconditional love.
Thank you for all the nights you didn't sleep just to make sure we were fed, cared for, and safe. Thank you for the years of life force energy you gave to us to sustain us and help us grow. Thank you for sacrificing yourselves, your dreams, and your desires to put our needs first.
Thank you for chopping the thousands of onions that made you cry just so that we could have homemade soup every night. Thank you for steadily living through the unknowns, uncertainties, and chaos of life to ensure you were a prime example of faith and trust.
Thank you for all the tears shed, the blood spilled, and for every ounce of beauty and youth that was extracted from you in the wake of motherhood and all, it requires of moms. Thank you for giving us breath, life, a heart, and a chance to become the best versions of ourselves possible an dlic our best life ever!
Thank you for your love, your devotion, your humor, and your spunk. Thank you for being our lighthouse. Thank you for everything you do. We would not be here without you Mamma!
May we all remember to call our mothers more often. Send them a text and let them know we are thinking of them. May we remember not to judge mothers and that their plates are overflowing and they are all running on empty most days.
May we remember to help them at every chance given. Let's tell them they are beautiful everyday, hug them, and offer to give them a little shoulder rub.
We can bring them flowers and offer to take the kids so that they can nap a bit. For mothers, it is truly the thought and the little things that count the most. 
Happy Mother's Day! 
Sacred wood Essence 
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