The Art of Gifting

Hello Beautiful Soul Familia! 

Is it already December? Time is so wild, and a wild year it has indeed been. This time of year is so special to many of us in many different ways.

Not only are we gathering together with our loved ones carrying on traditions of lineages past as well as creating new ones, but we also get to wrap up the year and get ready to bring in a brand new start.

A new beginning and a brand new chapter is such a gift of its own. I don't know about all of you, but we are genuinely looking forward to this next year ahead! 2022! Let's close 2021 with blessings, lessons, intentions, and reflections! 

During this festive time of year, we are not only wrapping up the years' end, but we are also gathering in small corners of the house and hiding down hallways to wrap up our precious gifts for our families and beloveds.

Which really has us reflecting on the art of gifting and what it really means?

Yes, it's lovely to give physical gifts as a symbol of appreciation and love yet, gifting is so much more than the act of providing a pretty box wrapped up with sparkly wrapping paper and a playful bow. 

The art of gifting is an act of selflessness, and it is the art of giving from the heart. It is creating the time and space to make the people you genuinely care about feel loved and appreciated.

Gifting from the heart ignites happiness, joy, and gratitude. The art of gifting is the language of unconditional love. And that is something we can truly celebrate during this time of year while gathering and gifting amongst our friends, community and loved ones.

And while on the topic of gifting, here is a special shout out to our Founder and beloved Brother Erik Suarez, also known as Palo Santo Clause! Erik truly embodies the art of gifting in his everyday life.

One of his favorite gifts is to give acts of random kindness. If you know him at all or if you have ever been in his presence, you've most likely witnessed him bouncing around from person to person gifting.

It could be magic tricks, Essential Wipes, or laughter. Or giving away goods, clothes, shoes, and of course, lots and lots of Palo Santo sticks! If you are reading this, Erik, thank you so much for gifting unconditional love and selflessness from the heart. We are so grateful to you! 

Gifting can be much more than actual presents in a box. Let's all set an intention to gift our families and friends more generosity, care, and support this holiday season.

Can we fill the hearts around us with more love? Can we show others that they are appreciated and give selflessly from the heart?

May we gift our time, patience, and good listening skills as we gather and celebrate this year. May we gift touch, laughter, hugs, kisses, and tender moments. And most of all may we gift everyone our presence as the greatest present of all.

In honor of the art of gifting and the spirit of unconditional love, Sacred Wood Essence will be gifting to the children of Manabi, Ecuador this holiday season.

The children of Manabi are precious angels whose families don't always have the means to celebrate the holidays or give gifts.

Each year, a wonderful woman named Maria organizes a holiday party with food, music, games, and toys for the children and families.

This year, we are honored to be donating funds for this lovely event. A portion of this month's sales will directly go to support these children and their families here in Ecuador. 

We take pride in our grassroots family-owned business. We devote our work, time, and love to nurturing our sustainable business that supports the Earth, the Peoples, and always GIFTS BACK!

We invite you to be a part of the movement! Please enjoy shopping in our online store this Holiday Season and gifting Palo Santo while giving back! 

Thank you for supporting us, this work, and the families on the ground here in Ecuador for yet another year!

We look forward to bringing in a brand new year with you all—many blessings and happy holidays to each of you and your families. We will see you on the other side! 

Big Love, 

The Sacred Wood Essence Familia! 

Written By,

Kylie And Love


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