The Power of Gratitude


Happy Holidays Friends!

It's that magical time of year again, and what a year it has indeed been. Though we carry our unique and diverse rituals and traditions during this time of year, one common thread that ties us all together is the shared spirit of gratitude.

It feels like this reminder is needed today more than ever before. We are living through some wild and fascinating times. So light your candles, burn your Palo Santo, set your tables, gather around and let's all give thanks and pray.

May we all remember that we are truly blessed and provided for despite the trials, tribulations, and the unknown. And may we carry the spirit of gratitude with us on our journeys ahead!

We have so much to be grateful for this season! Let's think about it for a moment! Our Mother Earth for holding us, nourishing us, and continuing to inspire us daily with her otherworldly beauty.

For the sacred waters that sustain us and give life itself to everything she touches. For the breath of life, plants, flowers, birds, bees, and trees!

The seeds of life that dance with the wind that create new life on earth each day. The ancestral fires continue to burn bright and gift us with inspiration, motivation, and courage to walk the good walk and continue to do the good work in this world.

For our creativity, visions, dreams, and all of the magic and support, we receive to realize them. For friendship, family, clean water to drink, nourishing food to eat, a safe, warm place to rest our heads and community.

For the presence of laughter, joy, play, bliss, and love. For the gift of art, dance, music, and culture.

For the bounty of medicine growing wildly through the natural worlds around us. And for all of the magic, beauty, blessings, and abundance that surrounds us all each day.

When we zoom out and focus on all the simple yet profoundly unique things we can all be grateful for, our worlds become brighter, more colorful, and more beauty awakens within us and all around us.

In our modern world of overconsumption and with our collective mentality that "more is more," we can quickly lose sight of the spirit of gratitude. So let us all take a moment to feel it, breathe into it, and set an intention to carry it with us from here on out.

Gratitude is deep medicine. It is soul food. It is the remedy. Let this be in our prayers as we celebrate and give thanks this holiday season with our loved ones over an open fire, nourishing and delicious food, memories, stories of times once had, bubbly beverages, and warm embraces.

Our Sacred Wood Essence Family and Community is founded on the spirit of GIVING THANKS!

We continue to move forth in this world, sharing the gift of Palo Santo and our work because we aspire to inspire more gratitude in this life.

When we embody the spirit of thankfulness, we give back in such a powerful way. Gratitude creates so much peace, presence, and beauty.

Which on a day like today, we all know we can use a little more of.

Two questions we get to ask ourselves this holiday season are, "How can I focus on what I do have today vs. what I do not have?" And "How can I embody the spirit of gratitude and giving thanks every day?".

We want to take a moment to reach out to you and give you a big virtual hug and say, THANK YOU!

We are grateful for your continued support. We are so thankful for YOU!

It is through YOU reading, sharing, purchasing products, and your continued engagement in this community that makes our work possible! And that is something we give thanks for every day!

As we believe there is no better way to give thanks, celebrate, and pray with friends and family during the holidays than with the gift of Palo Santo, we leave you with this...

Please enjoy 22% OFF on all purchases throughout the rest of November!


Muchas gracias, many blessings, and Happy Holidays!

Sacred Wood Essence Familia!

Written by: 

Kylie Ann Love


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